Recruitment Rates



With our site page views in excess of 85,000 per month, and over 30,000 visits per month, there is no better place to advertise your job vacancy. Each month has shown an increase in the popularity of Window News, which is now established as one of the market leaders.

Your Recruitment advert will be highlighted in a prime position on our Newscast, which we mail out to 14,000 industry people twice a week, giving you the widest and most frequent coverage in the market. Your advert could be seen on average 8 times per month with a possible 112,000 views. We will use our social media platform with over 3300 followers on Twitter to promote your individual vacancy with links back to the full job description.

Two week run                            £250    (4 issues)

Four week run                            £325    (8 issues)

The page is formatted to highlight the vacancy, click for the full job description and further details and an e-mail link for applicants to attach a CV, contact details and any other necessary information. Click here to see an example.

For further information Contact Gerald on 01255 850245 or E-mail