Roto Announces New Group Structure For 2019

Image Above: Roto Window & Door Technology will be one of three independent companies operating under the new corporate structure.

Up to now, the Roto Group has comprised two divisions: Window & Door Technology, for which it is mainly known in the fenestration sector, and Roof Windows & Solar. As of 2019, the group will establish a new, non-operational holding company overseeing three independent firms. The existing divisions will form two of these firms, along with the brand new Roto Frank Professional Service. Each of these individual companies will be fully responsible for its own performance.

the new Roto Group structure will allow each company to concentrate fully on its core tasks.

The newly formed Roto Frank Professional Service will take on all of the Roto Group’s aftermarket service commitments. The operation will merge four German-based window and door repair and service companies already acquired by the group. Roto aims to create the complete service provider for the repair and upgrading of windows and doors. “Roto Professional Service will be the permanent contact and project partner for end customers, manufacturers and retailers”, says Dr Christian Faden, currently Head of Corporate Development at Roto, who will head up the new operation.

Roto Group CEO Dr Eckhard Keill will head up Roto Frank Holdings AG

Dr Eckhard Keill remains Group CEO and will manage the new Roto Frank Holding AG. The head company will be responsible for general strategic development and monitoring of group performance. It will also deal with all aspects of legal compliance, intellectual property, acquisition policy, corporate identity and communication. A new chair of the divisional Window & Door Technology company will be appointed in 2019.

For the overwhelming majority of Roto’s 4000 worldwide employees, things remain essentially the same: their roles will continue within their respective divisions, with only a few staff moving to new roles. Roto is therefore describing the restructuring as “change with continuity” and emphasising that the intention is to consolidate the Group’s stability, maintained over the years since the global financial crisis, during which time Roto has retained its Triple A credit rating.

Dr Michael Stahl, Chair of the Roto Group Supervisory Board, said, “The realignment of our corporate group creates clear divisions and clear responsibilities, reduces national and international complexity and strengthens our will and capacity for further acquisitions in future”.