Roto Exceeds Sales Expectations, Prioritises Digitalisation Strategy

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Trade News

Roto Group has used its annual trade press day to report a significant increase in turnover during 2021 and outline its strategy to expand the use of digital technology across its manufacturing, logistics and sales operations.

At the event in Düsseldorf, Dr Eckhard Keill, chairman of parent company Roto Frank Holding AG, reported that total group turnover figures for 2021 represented a 20% increase on the previous 12 months, with a predicted year end figure of around €800 million – an unprecedented record in the history of the company.

All three trading divisions including Window and Door Technology grew at almost identical double-digit rates.

Marcus Sander, chairman of Roto Window & Door Technology, said, “We have successfully overcome another extremely challenging year and are completely satisfied with the results we achieved in 2021. This applies to turnover, profits and market shares alike”.

He went on to talk about how Roto has worked to maintain its delivery capability worldwide, despite the material supply crisis that had followed the pandemic, and how efficiency has been maintained and improved by the company’s focus on consistent process digitalisation.

Looking at Europe, Sander reported upward sales trends in the DACH and Benelux countries plus France and Italy. He said the construction crisis in the United Kingdom remains serious and Scandinavia is still stagnant, while Spain, Portugal and Greece are proving to be resilient despite new outbreaks of the coronavirus in 2021.

Homeowners making renovations and improvements to their homes have been the driving force behind market growth in Europe and Roto has been able to grow, “even in markets with below-average performance”, he reported.

Although no new hardware products were launched at the event, Roto used the occasion to drive home the message about digitalisation. A range of new technology processes are being implemented across the company. This includes artificial intelligence (AI) software that allows production machines and tools to optimise their performance autonomously.

Other digitalisation projects running now or planned for 2022 include collaborative robots (cobots), driverless transport systems on factory sites, digital spare parts management, drone-based warehouse automation and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

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