Sliders UK Turns To Kolorseal For Colour Coating Services

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Colour, Paints & foils

Aluminium and composite door manufacturer Sliders UK, has returned to colour coating specialist Kolorseal Ltd for its bespoke window and door colouring needs.

Alex Murphy, managing director at Sliders-UK, had evaluated and instigated in-house spraying at the company’s Preston based facility when demand for the range increased substantially.

In a bid to control all aspects of output and further build resilience into the operations, there was a belief that colour spraying internally would prove more cost effective and efficient. When that did not work out, the company contacted Deborah Hendry at Kolorseal Ltd.

According to Alex it quickly became apparent that stock holding for over 200 colours, as well as increased insurance costs, health and safety requirements alongside significant capital outlay, was simply not a viable option financially.

Kolorseal Ltd offered a simpler route to achieving greater profit margins and broader business scope with vast colour choice, its 5-day turnaround guarantee and delivery.

With a product portfolio that includes the popular and highly accredited Ultimate Door Collection, the range offered by Sliders-UK boasts over 2500 colours with matching colour frames, it was essential therefore that a colour coating supplier could meet and match the necessary exacting standards.

Alex comments, “From quote to order to delivery, the colour coating team at Kolorseal has the expertise and market understanding to provide quality products that can effectively support Sliders UK.

“Colour choice is virtually limitless, which helps to keep our business ahead of the competition and has allowed us to expand the company’s range.  In place of the spraying and drying rooms we have now allocated the space to manufacturing new products including uPVC patio doors.”

The increased number of RAL chart and other colour options for plastics has had a huge influence on consumers and their colour choice for their windows and doors.

Deborah Hendry, managing director of Kolorseal Ltd, comments: “Instead of just standard reds, blues, greens, blacks or whites, homeowners have far more choice and they know it.  Where Kolorseal excels is colour matching and we believe that detail counts. This is a pressure for those without access to colour coating options.

“The effects of the turbulence caused by Covid and more recently the recession have forced many companies to evaluate their supply chains.  Regarding colour coating, however, the need for higher overall stock levels, more storage space and greater staffing requirements, creates a high level of investment that is not always attractive to fabricators as it does not generate a fast ROI.”

With prompt, reliable delivery part of Slider UK’s guarantee, using a supplier that could meet the demand of their customers was essential.

Alex continues, “Despite doing initial costings, far from being a profitable decision, in-house spraying quickly became a loss leader.

“Once the decision was made to outsource all our spray work to Kolorseal, we’ve never looked back. High quality products, delivered on time, every time, backed up by the Kolorseal guarantee, has certainly saved us money. Also, Deborah and her team have improved the flexibility of our delivery planning and its implementation.  We wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Deborah concludes, “When it comes to colour coating, Kolorseal provides customers in the sector with smarter ways to keep inventory, staffing and equipment maintenance costs under control.  Supplying to Sliders-UK is a wonderful testament to the team and we are very proud to be working with them.”

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