Smart Ready® Stands Out With AluK At Batimat

Smart Ready® and certified technology partner Hug® technology, are pleased to announce a phenomenal inaugural Batimat exhibition in support of AluK international.

Giovanni Laporta, innovator behind the Smart Ready® concept comments: “Continental Europe is at a different stage of the Smart life cycle with more advanced sensors than we have here in the UK. However, being among global competitors made one thing clear – certified technology partner, Hug® technology, has developed the only sensors of their kind in the world. While other sensors are still using old technology from the 1980’s, the offering from certified partner Hug® technology is current. Visitors from around the world who went to the AluK stand were all clearly amazed by the simple, affordable, Smart window and door on show. One sensor ‘fits everything’ was the take home message. We even saw competitors secretly filming which we found fun!

“Needless to say, Hug® Technology wasn’t the only smart technology on display at Batimat in Paris, but it was the only technology that caught everyone’s attention. The most simple and reliable system at the show, that worked entirely as it should for the duration of the exhibition, whilst other systems suffered intermittent failures, says the company.  Something that Smart Ready® ensures won’t happen.

“The advanced monitoring and alarm system packed into the one simple sensor particularly wowed visitors. This is the first time most will have seen such a simple sensor with so many additional features, including for example the never seen before feature Live Space® of being able to leave windows open and still set the alarm – a particularly important feature in some of the warmer climate countries on the Continent.

“Most of the other Smart systems at Batimat have been developed as generic systems, while the sensors that Hug® Technology has created specifically focus on windows and doors. Developed by people who know a lot about windows and doors, know about window and door hardware and understand simple fabrication, Hug® Technology are the only specialist is the smart sensor market that have a solution for every single type of window and door, claims the company.

“We’d like to thank AluK for the fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the Smart Ready® certified technology at the show and look forward to building on the momentum Hug® smart technology has already started to build around the world.”