Smoke Seals Halt The Silent Killer

Door seal specialists Norseal offers specifiers a comprehensive technical support package on the lifesaving matter of cold smoke seals. It is a sobering thought that more lives are lost in fires to smoke inhalation than burns. In buildings like hotels, care homes, hospitals, and apartments where multiple rooms are accessed off a central landing or corridor, smoke can creep with frightening speed through the tiniest gaps with potentially fatal consequences.

While fire doors fitted with intumescent seals are highly effective in halting the spread of fire, the intumescent seals will only operate at the high temperatures generated by fire.

They will not halt the progress of cold smoke. Should the smoke from a fire progress in advance of it, the fire door seals will not have started to intumesce, allowing cold smoke to pass through the gaps. This is why it is vital that fire doors are fitted with intumescent seals that can stop both fire and smoke.

Norseal has a comprehensive range of fire and smoke intumescent seals and can offer a full technical advice and back up service for specifiers and installers. The company’s fire and smoke intumescent strips protect both the spread of fire and smoke through a building and are compliant with BS 476-31.1 and BS EN 1634-3 cold smoke seal regulations. All are independently tested to BS 476-22 and BS EN 1634-1 on a range of single and double leaf doorsets. Smoke seals do not only prevent the spread of smoke in a fire emergency, they also have more everyday benefits like keeping drafts out and even reducing noise. This makes them perfect for buildings like school and offices where acoustic insulation is a key factor.

Norseal’s best-selling fire and smoke seal is the Pyroplex Intumescent Rigid Box Pile which can be fitted to single and double leaf timber interior or exterior door sets. It combines intumescent material with a brush pile to prevent the transfer of both fire and smoke. Another popular choice is the Pyroplex Intumescent Single Flipper, a practical option for hygienic spaces like hospitals, restaurants and care homes as they can easily be cleaned when spills occur to help to keep areas germ free.

Norseal’s technical team is on hand to answer any specification queries about fire, smoke and acoustic seals.

The company also provides CAD drawings, test data, certifications, fitting guides and datasheets as downloads to access in the design office or on site.