Statement From BFRC regarding Spacer Bars

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Trade News

As of the 1st September BFRC requires all spacer bars needing a measured thermal conductivity value be obtained from a current Bundesverband-Flachglas (BF) datasheet. This new criteria will affect BFRC ratings in the following way;

New Licences

Thermal conductivity values used within BFRC rating calculations will need to be clearly identified as either a generic tabulated value (taken from BS EN ISO 10077-2: 2012 or BS EN ISO 10456: 2007)   or a measured thermal conductivity value taken from a current BF 2-box model datasheet. New applications requiring a measured value that do not contain a two box model datasheet value will not be accepted. To clarify, all new licence applications must be fully compliant with BS EN ISO 10077-2:2012.

Existing Licences 

Data contained within an existing simulation report which has been used to determine the performance of a currently licensed product, will remain valid provided the component parts simulated are currently commercial available.  The existing licence will remain valid for five years from the date of issue.  In cases where component parts are no longer commercially available and BFRC substitution rules are not applicable, re-simulation will be required.


There has been no change to the criteria for the substitution of component parts. Where spacer bars (including the primary sealant and desiccant) are to be substituted the replacement will need to an equal or lower effective thermal conductivity (measured to three decimal places) than the spacer bar specified in the original licence.

Further details will be made available shortly.





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