Supply Only Offers Customers Ultimate Glazing

Window and door manufacturer, Supply Limited, will now use the Ultimate double-glazed unit across its entire range of high quality windows and doors after agreeing an exclusive partnership with Knowsley-based glass manufacturer, Custom Glass.

The Ultimate 28mm double glazed unit provides a better all-round performance than triple glazed glass and is the very latest development in glass technology.

The move to use Ultimate glass in all products will enable Supply Only to offer its trade and individual customers glazed windows and doors with greater heat retention, noise reduction and a lighter weight than the equivalent triple-glazed unit, and a U value of 1.0 (equivalent to a 28mm triple glazed unit using 1 leaf of clear glass and 2 leafs of Soft-coat glass.)

Jeff Hooson, managing director of Custom Glass, said: “Often, customers who choose triple-glazing do so as they want to achieve greater acoustic and thermal performance. However, our Ultimate double-glazing unit alleviates the need for triple-glazed products that bring with them additional cost and handling implications.

“It’s been developed using the very latest technology and we’re thrilled that Supply Only have identified the clear benefits this will bring to their customers.”

Gareth Jones, managing director of Supply said: “The arrival of Ultimate glass to our products is the latest innovation in our business as we strive to deliver excellence to our 2,500 customers across the country, including more than 350 tradespeople, a multitude of installers and home improvers.”

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