Surging Demand For Energy Efficiency Spikes Interest In TruFit

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Accessories

Edgetech may be best known for its warm-edge spacer technology, but the Quanex company is experiencing rapidly rising demand for another cutting-edge product it offers.

TruFit is described as ‘a state-of-the-art window installation tape’. Made of open-cell polyurethane foam and filled with a flame-retardant synthetic resin, Edgetech says it provides a much quicker, cleaner and more thermally efficient alternative to traditional silicone.

Once the tape’s backing paper is removed, it gradually expands to seal the window fully, ensuring it offers exceptional all-round performance – protecting against mould, and providing first-class thermal and acoustic insulation.

In addition to this, it’s claimed to be much easier to apply than silicone and can be used in all weathers.

Edgetech head of marketing Charlotte Hawkes suggests these reasons are behind the growth of interest in TruFit: “The biggest factor driving the surge of interest in TruFit is clearly energy efficiency.

“Installers have always been very impressed with TruFit when they’ve seen it but, in the past, they have often chosen to stick with what they know.

“For many of those installers, the last year has been a tipping point. The huge rises in household energy prices, combined with continuing pressure to help the country reach net zero, has led to a surge in the numbers of customers enquiring about TruFit.

“It’s an incredibly effective tool for helping installers fit windows and offers outstanding thermal performance – in addition to being quicker, cleaner and easier to use than silicone.

“According to market forecasts we’re also heading for a tougher time ahead for the industry, those that do well in times like these innovate to differentiate themselves. We believe that right now TruFit offers a unique opportunity for installers to stand out, before products like these become the norm and we have a full marketing package to support this”.

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