The ‘Future-Proof’ Lock with a £5,000 Promise

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Hardware

In the fast-paced world of home security, where new threats emerge as quickly as the latest gadgets, Ultion recognises that burglars are always finding new tricks. Ultion is constantly evolving to ensure its locks are ready for dangers we haven’t even thought of yet.

Ultion says it came to life during what you could call a security pandemic, a time when most door locks were so weak, they could be broken into in under nine seconds. Right from the start, Ultion made breaking in much harder and riskier, and not just by a little. By ramping up how tough and time-consuming it was to get past a door, and making sure burglars would likely get caught, Ultion says it didn’t just cut down on break-ins; it pretty much stopped them in their tracks.

Nick Dutton, CEO at Ultion said: “True safety isn’t just about stopping the problems we already know about, but also getting ready for the ones the bad guys haven’t even thought of yet. This idea is what drives all the hard work and testing we put into our locks. We’re always looking ahead, making sure our locks are not just strong now, but ready for whatever challenges might come up next.”

This philosophy has culminated in the announcement of an enhanced anti-snap guarantee – from £2,000 to £5,000. This improved guarantee is not just a testament to confidence in the current capabilities of Ultion locks but signifies the brand’s commitment to evolve its products in anticipation of forthcoming security challenges. Ultion is dedicated not to reacting to threats but to preempting them, ensuring readiness for the next generation of burglary techniques, says the company.

According to Ultion, in this never-ending battle between those looking to protect and those looking to break in, Ultion is not just on the front lines; it’s leading the charge. With this increased £5,000 guarantee and a commitment to never stop innovating, Ultion says it isn’t just providing a lock; it’s offering a solution against the threats of tomorrow.

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