The Ultraframe Experience – Making You ‘Appy

Within 24 hours of launching the new Ultraframe Sales App, over 250 retailers have downloaded it according to Adam Wilde, digital marketing manager at Ultraframe.  Previewed at FIT show and launched last week, the new App offers the ultimate retail experience for the customer enabling the sales consultant to “seamlessly and effortlessly” share literature and video content with the customer, safe in the knowledge that the information is bang up to date.

Ultraframe has been developing software and tools to enhance the customer experience.  Today, their digital offering combined with an advanced roof systems, sets Ultraframe apart, as Adam explains: “we’ve developed a number of tools that enable us to two things.  First, understand the end consumer better and second, give our retailers powerful resources that both excite and reassure the end consumer during the sales process.  The App does both things.  It ensures our network partners have got immediate access to all of our marketing materials both in the showroom and the customer’s home – without the need for wifi.  The App also tells us which resources are popular, what people are searching and sharing – all of which feeds our development.”

Combined with ‘authority passwords’ the App is set up to enable the business owner to set different levels of access depending on their role.  To further enhance the App experience, Ultraframe has launched the UK’s first Virtual Reality Showroom.  With the addition of goggles, costing just £20, Ultraframe is the first retailer in the home improvement space to adopt experiential marketing techniques to inspire consumers.

As Adam explains:  “the beauty of the Showroom is that it’s available to all our customers – those with a physical showroom and those without.  But critically, it enables home owners to virtually step inside a number of our extension systems and feel the difference between the structures.  We recognise that extending your home is a huge decision so making the right choice about what’s right for your needs and your property is essential.  The Virtual Reality Showroom really does bring the Ultraframe range to life and enables the home owner to make a more informed choice.”

The Ultraframe Sales App is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.