TuffX: Fair And Square

by | Jan 5, 2023 | Glass & Glazing

Sleek, contemporary design, bold geometric architecture and a mixture of modern and traditional build materials are the key components of a stunning residential property in Exeter which was recently completed with specialist glass from TuffX.

TuffX supplied a total of 10m2 21.5mm toughened and laminated glass for the prominent first-floor balustrade, made up of six rectangular units each 1205mm in height.

With the balcony being at the front of the property, privacy was an essential consideration, so a satin privacy finish option was chosen for the glass panels which were delivered to site for installation. Meanwhile, a near-invisible frameless finish ensures a seamless, subtle and unobtrusive sightline.

The finished build is a complementary mix of both modern textures and traditional materials, which have turned a home into a design showpiece, while the completed glass balustrade creates a practical, safe and secure outdoor space for the occupants to enjoy.

This Devonshire delight is just one example of the type of projects TuffX supply specialist glass products for across the UK.

“It’s always a huge pleasure to see our products take pride of place in such impressive architectural designs,” said TuffX’s commercial director Paul Higgins.

“Whatever your project, wherever you are in the country, our team is ready to talk to you about how our specialist glass products can help you achieve the results you want and that homeowners will love.”


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