TWC Report Increase In Productivity Since Relocating To Larger Premises

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Trade News

Window and door fabricator and supplier TWC recently expanded into a new, larger factory to accommodate the company’s increased demand. Now, six weeks after the relocation, TWC is reporting significant successes as a result of the transition and is eager to share the tangible results of its substantial investments and dedication to development.

Launched in late 2022, TWC has already experienced significant levels of development, to the extent that it has required larger premises for its growing number of staff and operations. Despite having been in the new factory for just over a month, the team at TWC has already noticed a significant improvement in how the relocation has positively impacted the business. There is now a much more streamlined and efficient production process, with the larger space providing room for the CNC corner cleaner, instantly increasing production by 25% and fostering growth, says the company.

Regarding how the new premises have affected the staff, there has been a noticeable improvement in their productivity. While morale has always been high at TWC, the extra space in the new factory has given the employees enough room to work and carry out their roles more effectively, resulting in smoother and more efficient operations, says the company.

Co-Founder and director of TWC Dom Francis says of the relocation, “The transition into the new factory has been really successful, and because of our dedicated staff, it’s been practically seamless! It’s been six weeks, and we’ve already recruited 3 more employees to keep up with our increased demand and keep productivity consistent. At TWC, we want to make the best products in the industry and be the most reliable supplier for our customers. By consistently investing in continued growth and taking big leaps in our business strategy, we are able to keep expanding while offering the same high quality levels of service that have defined us since the company was founded.”

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