Ultraroof All Tile – Build Any Extension With An Ultraframe Roof

Ultraframe has launched the Ultraroof All Tile roof system. It does exactly what the name suggests, can accommodate any conventional roof tile such as the Marley Modern, Slates, even the popular Redland Rosemary. Based on the Ultraroof380, the Ultraroof All Tile enables Ultraframe retail partners to further maximise the opportunity presented by the growth in the home extension market.

Alex Hewitt, Ultraframe Marketing Director comments: “What the Ultraroof All Tile gives the retail installer is another opportunity to win home extension work. With the recent launch of the Ultrasky Flat Roof and now with the Ultraroof All Tile a retailer can walk into any home and give the home owner exactly what they want – whether it’s a glazed roof, Livinroof, kitchen extension with a roof light or lantern or a tiled roof to completely match their existing property, it can all be achieved with an Ultraframe roof system.”

The Ultraroof All Tile can take the weight of a tile up to 54kg/m2 and is supplied as a ‘naked’ version of the original Ultraroof380 giving the retailer all the structural performance of the Ultraroof but without the unnecessary components such as bargeboards, fascias, rainwater goods and supporting posts. Effectively the Ultraroof All Tile gives the retailer maximum flexibility to design and build any type of extension regardless of roof finish.

Alex continues: “The Ultraroof tile which is used with the Ultraroof380 is a great lightweight alternative to a real tile, the feedback we’ve had from our retail partners has been excellent and we’ve seen some fantastic installations since we launched it in 2016. What we have responded to with the development of All Tile is the appetite for a roof solution that can carry a real tile. We have an incredibly broad range of roof solutions that can meet the needs of most extension jobs but there are still jobs out there that need a real tile, and that’s where Ultraroof All Tile comes into its own. We’re constantly talking to our customers about the growth of the home extension market and the one limiting factor in fully maximising this opportunity is having a solution that looks and feels like a ‘real’ roof, we are confident Ultraroof All Tile will become an important addition in our range.”

Ultraroof All Tile shares all the characteristics of Ultraroof380 so it’s simple and fast to fit and comes with clear guidance on how it should be supported with solid walls and/or brick pier configurations dependant on the pitch and size of the roof.