Victorian Sliders Remains Open For Business Throughout Lockdown 3

Victorian Sliders will be continuing to operate as normal throughout the UK’s third national coronavirus lockdown unless government guidance changes.

Over the last twelve months, the Ammanford firm has adapted well to the COVID crisis, and for its 200+ staff, social distancing and other COVID-safe practises have become second nature.

The company continued to work through the November lockdown without incident, after implementing some of the most stringent COVID-prevention measures in UK fenestration.

Before coming on site and at each breaktime, all staff have to be screened with heat sensor cameras, facial recognition cameras, and have to answer a questionnaire about their health and any symptoms which they access by scanning a QR code with their phone.

Group Managing Director Andy Jones comments: “Lockdown is far from ideal for any business, but thanks to the professionalism of our team, we’ve not just coped with them before, but managed to work through two to achieve the most successful year in our history.

“By the end of 2020, we’d managed to make a staggering 83,000 windows, 24.5% more pro rata than in 2019, even with the restrictions.

“Crucially, the government’s guidelines allow installers to continue to operate in people’s homes throughout the current lockdown in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – although the Scottish government has banned everything except essential maintenance to utilities.

“Ultimately, I expect some consumers will continue to make purchases and have installations, while others will postpone until the most vulnerable people have been vaccinated.

“Trade counters are also allowed to stay open throughout the UK, and I’m confident that business will remain steady despite the greater restrictions.

“We look forward to continuing to serve our thousands of loyal customers across Britain throughout this difficult period.”

All information correct at the time of publishing.

For more information visit or call 01269 846200.